Murals Painted by Dr. Palmer and his students
s1995 to Present.
2009 - Murals
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2008 - Murals
-OKC Farmer's Market, Downtown OKC
-OKC Home and Garden Show, OKC Fairgrounds
-St. Jude's Hospital, Featured Artist, Bricktown
-Science Museum Oklahoma, OKC
-Hollis Historical Mural, Hollis, OK
-Edmond Arts Festival, Featured Artist
-Painted Weather's TV and 3 different building's alley-ways, Edmond, OK
-R. K. Black, OKC
-Gore, OK Chamber Mural
-Community Hospital, MRI Room, OKC
-Edmond Christian Church, Breakfast on Blvd Mural
-Grace United Methodist Church, OKC
-Davenport Historical Mural, Davenport, OK
-V.A. Hospital, Stairwell Mural (to be done in fall)
-Edmond Historical Society Mural, Edmond, OK
-Marc Heitz Chevrolet Mural, Norman, OK
-World Neighbors Mural, OKC
-Walters Gym Mural, Walters, OK
-Several Home Murals: OKC, Edmond, Moore and Warr Acres
-ABC Cleaners, Warr Acres, OK
-Buy For Less, OKC
-Frontier City, OKC
-Dept. of Human Services, OKC
2007 - Murals
-OKC Home & Garden Show
-Bricktown, Centennial Train, Oklahoma City, OK.
-Bricktown, Santa Fe Railway Wall
-Eastside Church of Church of Christ-Clothing Room
-Bus Banner
-OKC Home Murals
-Norman, Oklahoma
2006 - Murals
Jan 28-31-Oklahoma City, OK. Home & Garden Show –Fairgrounds
Feb. 15-16-Bricktown, Oklahoma City, OK. Nonna’s The Painted Door
Mar 3-5-Wichita, Kansas, Wichita Home & Garden Show
Jul 15-30-Mural in Lima, Peru
2005 (not al llisted here at present)
Oklahoma City, OK. Bricktown-Schedule to unveil 1st of a series –for Oklahoma Centennial April 15, 2005
Sept 23-24 Montgomery Bldg. Oklahoma City, OK.
Oct 14-15-Chickasha, OK.
Nov. 5 & 6-Hennessy, OK. Longhorn Services Petroleum Mural
Nov 8-UCO-Preschool Campus
Nov 12-13-Oklahoma City, OK. South Park Health Center and Assisted Living
Nov 15-17-UCO Campus Max Chambers Library
Nov 26-28-Oklahoma City, OK. Oklahoma Massage Therapy Clinic
Dec 3-4-Edmond, OK. Animal Trails Hospital Kennel
Dec 26-Huntsville, Alabama, Mayfair Church Christ
*(Number to left indicates the number of murals completed.)
4-Oklahoma City, OK. Bass Pro Shop
8-Kingfisher, OK. First Presbyterian Church-(Biblical Scenes Children’s Area)
2-Oklahoma City, OK. Oklahoma Medical Solutions
1-Edmond, OK. Edmond Church of Christ (Preschool Area)
10-Oklahoma City, OK. Oklahoma City Zoo (New Playground Area)
6-Mustang, OK. All American Bank (Lobby Area)
4-Moore, Ok. Santa Fe Elementary School (Cafeteria)
1-Edmond, OK. Edmond W.W. Tire –Visual Arts Committee (Historical Mural)
1-Weatherford, OK. City of Weatherford, (Mural Behind the Cabin)
2-Mustang, OK. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Campbell (residence)
4-Bethany, OK. Bethany Church of Christ (Garden Scene)
1-Anadarko, OK. Five Civilized Tribes-Images of Native Americans
1-Binger, OK. Binger-Oney Public Schools (Historical Mural)
1-Guthrie, OK. Muddy Waters Bar & Grill
1-Edmond, OK. Longfellow Elementary School (Cafeteria)
8-Edmond, OK. Goddard School (Classrooms and Lobby)
1-Edmond, OK. Bahama Ice, Shaved Ice Production
1-Edmond, OK. Central Station Mural
2-Oklahoma City, OK. Pierce Elementary
1-Hennesy, OK. Long Horn Services-Petroleum Mural
1-Edmond, OK. Oak Tree Residence
2-Vian, OK. Two for Tea and Flower Shop (Two Outside Murals)
6-Vian, OK. Six Outside Murals at various Shops, Businesses and Residences
4-Tulsa, OK. Tulsa International Soul Winning Workshop, (Fairgrounds)
4-Edmond, OK. Chisholm Elementary (Cafeteria)
1-Bethany, OK. Bethany Church of Christ Baptistery
3-Regina, Canada, Western Christian Lectureship & Workshop-(Student Travel Group)
3-Oklahoma City, OK. South Park Health Care Center
1-Stillwater, OK. Downtown-First Bank, First Church, First School Mural
2-Edmond, OK. Chisholm Elementary (Media Center)
4-Edmond, OK. Animal Trails Kennel and Hospital
4-Oklahoma City, OK. Oklahoma Physical Therapy and Fitness Inc. (Across from MercyHospital)
8-Norman, OK. Center for Mentally Disturbed Juveniles
2-Oklahoma City, OK. Northeast High School
2-Oklahoma City, OK. Westminster Presbyterian Church
8-Oklahoma City, OK. First United Methodist Church, (Children’s Area)
1-Oklahoma City, OK. The Fountains of Canterbury, (Assisted Living Center)
6-Edmond, OK. First United Methodist Church, Children’s Area
8-Edmond, OK. First Presbyterian Church, (New Wing)
1-Oklahoma City, OK. Center for Abused Children, Playground Area
1-Oklahoma City, OK. Seagate Corporation, (Weight Room)
2-Midwest City, OK. Joe Cooper Ford, (Children’s Area)
2-Shawnee, OK. Joe Cooper Ford, (Main Lobby)
1-Mustang, OK., Mustang Trails Elementary (School Cafeteria)
1-Bethany, OK. Bethany Church of Christ, 6th Mural – Jesus Collage
4-Pauls Valley, OK. Chickasaw Nation & Paul’s Valley Public Schools
4-MacAlister, OK. The Oklahoma Store – Historical Mural
1-Muskogee, OK. Historical Scenes of Muskogee (Largest one yet -250’x45’)
1-Tulsa, OK. Memorial Road Church of Christ, (Coffee Break Area)
1-Carnegie, OK. Early Street Scenes of Carnegie
1-Anadarko, OK. Oklahoma Bank & Trust –Early Scenes of Anadarko
2-Gracemont, OK. Biblical Scene & Classic Cars
3-Oklahoma City, OK. Business Storage Warehouse
4-Oklahoma City, OK. Oklahoma Center for Incarcerated Juvenile
12-Oklahoma City, OK. Oklahoma Health Department (Stair well)
1-Oklahoma City, OK. Anchor Paint Store
1-Hinton, OK. Historical Hinton Scene
4-Tulsa, OK. Tulsa International Soul Winning Workshop, Fairgrounds
1-Edmond, OK. Othello’s Italian Restaurant
4-Stigler, OK. Stigler Elementary Gym
2-Edmond, OK. George Nigh University Center, Bursar Office & Donna Nigh Gallery
4-Oklahoma City, OK. Baptist Integris Hospital Dr. Stanford’s Office
2-Oklahoma City, OK. Rockies Bricktown China & Music Hall
4-Oklahoma City, OK. Oklahoma State Capitol Building (Dome Construction)
4-Oklahoma City, OK. Westminster Presbyterian Church – (Children’s Area)
1-Maysville, OK. Wiley Post Mural & other Images of Fame
6-Edmond, OK. First United Methodist Church – (Children’s Area)
5-Oklahoma City, OK. Mark Twain Elementary School, Oklahoma City Anti-Graffiti Program
4-Oklahoma City, OK. Shield’s Height Elementary School, Oklahoma City Anti-Graffiti Program
1-Bethany, OK. Bethany Church of Christ, 4/5th Mural – (Sea of Galilee)
4-Oklahoma City, OK. Special Care, 2nd Mural, Hallway
2-MacAlister, OK. Train Bridge & Buffalo Mural
11-Muskogee OK. Downtown-Historical Scenes of Muskogee – (Azalea Festival)
2-Stigler, OK. The City of Stigler, (Two Outside Murals)
1-Edmond, OK. Oklahoma Assisted Living Center (Dining Hall)
1-Oklahoma City, OK. Will Rogers World Airport, (Mural on Glass Wall)
1-El Reno, OK. Downtown Trolley Car Mural
3-El Reno, OK. Frontier Chevrolet (New & Used Cars)
1-Mustang, OK. Mustang Creek Elementary School (Hallway)
1-Bethany, OK. Bethany Church of Christ, City of Jerusalem
4-Oklahoma City, OK. Rockin-Roller-Rink
4-Oklahoma City, OK. Special Care (Carousel Theme Playroom)
2-Edmond, OK. George Nigh University Center, Lakeside Café, Communications Building, Alva Mural Society
2-Alva, OK. Oklahomans in Flight & Wheat Thrashing Scene
1-Seiling, OK. Early Images of Seiling (Across from Bank)
1-Walters, OK. Walters Public Schools
6-Guthrie, OK., Preservation Playhouse, Musical Instruments (Now moved to George Nigh University Center)
2-Oklahoma City, OK. Pinnacle Fitness Center – Lobby & Weight Room
1-Chandler, OK. City Hall, Historic Chandler
1-Montreal/Quebec, Canada, Community Mural (Rural), Student Study Tour
3-Stillwater, OK. Oklahoma State University – Central Cafeteria “Service Station”
3-Oklahoma City, OK. Premier Parks, Frontier City – Antique Carousel
1-Oklahoma City, OK. St. Anthony Hospital, Juvenile Area
1-Oklahoma City, OK. Corpus Christi Catholic Church (restoration)
2-Bethany, OK. Bethany Church of Christ Tree house & Angel Room
3-Yale, OK. First Christian Church, (Biblical Theme)
2-Cushing, OK. City Drug Store & Buffalo Snow Scene
1-Kingfisher, OK. Trailhand Café
1-Hennessy, OK. Gold Bank, (Oklahoma Scene)
1-Seiling, OK. VFW Building, Early Seiling Street Scene
2-Walters, OK. Taylor’s Department Store & Fire Department
2-Oklahoma City, OK. Pinnacle Fitness Center Bicycle Room & Child Care Center
1-Oklahoma City, OK. Oklahoma State Capital Buildings, House of Representatives (Summer Project)
1-Oklahoma City, OK. North Park Mall (renovation)
1-Edmond, OK. University of Central Oklahoma, timeline of UCO, Grand Staircase, George Nigh University Center
1-Edmond, OK. Commercial Printing, Broncho Corner
2-Bethany, OK. Bethany Church of Christ, Noah’s Ark & Preschool Window
2-Cushing, OK. Lion’s Club Building & Opal’s Department Store
1-Enid, OK. Aspen Carwash and Detail Shop
1-Edmond, OK. University of Central Oklahoma, Communications Building
1-Oklahoma City, OK. Rockies Bricktown China & Music Hall
1-Edmond, OK. Brad Fielding Optometry (Office and Home)
1-Zagreb, Croatia, University of Zagreb, International Workshop
2-Kingfisher, OK. Public Park-Train Building
3-Kingfisher, OK. Times News Building, Oklahoma Theatre (burned in 2004), House of Ceramics
2-Garber, OK. Bus Barn and Garber Auto
Flagstaff, AZ., Grand Canyon, Student Study Tour
Pueblo, Mexico, International Workshop, Student Study Tour
10 –Oklahoma City, OK. Premier Park, Frontier City, (Circus Theme for Park in Washington D.C.)
1- Oklahoma City, OK. Landa Building
2- Bethany, OK. Bethany Church of Christ, Preschool Room & Nursery
Approximately 10 various residences in Metro

Dr. Palmer